Winning Happy Moment!


April 12, 2018

Yes, I know it's a coupon for a FREE Oreo cookie bar.  What's the biggie about that?  Well, I signed up honey Ted on #OreoCookieDay to be 1 of 1 Million Winners to get a freebie treat. It came in the mail last night. He opened it and SMILED! I realize it wasn't a Million of them, or $1 Million, which of course would have been Awesome! But having a bunch of 'Happy Moments' when little things happen that make the ones you Love & you Happy.. that's worth everything! It's those Moments that make the Journey through Life w/ the ones you Love that much Sweeter. #HappyMoments are where it's at! May you have tons of Moments that make you Happy & Smile during your Journey w/ the ones you Love.