Bucket List Check Off catching ATX Views from the Tower before 2019!

ATX Holiday Spirit Soaring 242 Feet in the Air!

December 27, 2018

honey Ted &  I had a Great date night during Christmas weekend at Winter Wonderland @ COTA. It was extra special when I found out we could take on the COTA TOWER and checking off the Bucket List of catching the ATX views at 242 feet high in the air.  Over 400 steps or an elevator ride.  If / when you get a chance to do this any other time of the year, it's at least $35 to do it.  During Winter Wonderland, which is going on until Sunday, December 30th, it's only $5 (per person) !  Best deal during the holiday fun at COTA!  I highly suggest doing it. They closed the stairs off, so that wasn't an option.   Thank goodness.. :) Didn't have to feel bad for taking the elevator, which is much more helpful when going  up w/ someone who Hates Heights! 

Tower @ COTA during the Holidays Winter Wonderland 2018 / Photo by Heather Rivera

The night was extra special for me because of my honey Ted. HE IS BIG TIME AFRAID OF HEIGHTS, AND HE TOOK  THE TOWER ON! ... SUCCESSFULLY!!! If you get a chance to do it within the next few days, can't beat the $5 price. It's a holiday experience you will remember. Especially when your honey does it w/ you. Great holiday memory you will take with you. - We did! Merry Christmas! Happy 2019! #HeatherandhoneyTed 

Heather & honey Ted @ Winter Wonderland @ COTA in ATX December 2018 - photo by HR