Make a Random Act of Kindness an Everyday Thing

Make Kindness Contagious!

November 13, 2018

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November 13 (2018)  is World Kindness Day.  Is this a Good or Bad thingie?  Or course Good because it's promoting Kindness, but Bad that a day has to be set aside to remind us to 'Be Kind to Others'. Each day we should be Kind, but it's not always easy. We don't have the Greatest examples when it comes to many of our countries' leaders.  But personally, we can make it a point of doing a #RandomActofKindness each day.  It doesn't matter the size or the expense of the Kindness.

  • Donate a $1 or more to your order at Whataburger. It goes to Dell Children's Medical Center. You will get a coupon for a free Whataburger when you purchase a medium fry & drink your next visit. This is Kindness spread in all directions. #WhataMiracleMake Click here! 
  •  Opening a door for someone when their hands are full.
  • Buying someone behind you in the Starbucks line their coffee.
  • Letting someone in traffic.

A Kind gesture goes a long way. If more of us did that, then others would follow from example. Give it a try! Throw some Kindness someone's way today and every day! 


honey Ted is one of the 'Kindest' people I know. I'm blessed to have him as my life partner. He teaches me new ways of Kindness each day, and for this I am truly Thankful.