X Ambassadors' MOMENT in ATX!!!

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May 21, 2018

honey Ted & I  had a Fantastic Date Night at Stubb's on Saturday night. We went to the X Ambassadors 'Joyful Tour' show. We figured they would be Good, but wasn't expecting what we got! THEY WERE AWESOME! They sounded Great. Full of energy.. Casey on Keys.. the man incredible. It looked like the music was possessing him in a Great way the entire night. His moved ROCKED! His bro Sam AMAZING on vocals, and showed his musical / instrumental talents off during the entire show.. from Bass to Tenor Sax, Keys and drums.  These 2 brothers have musical talent oozing through them. The entire band was talented, and got the crowd into it!  It's a Huge WIN for ATX w/ X Ambassadors coming back in October to Rock ACL Music Festival I highly recommend putting X Ambassadors on your Bucket List if you haven't seen them yet. 

Besides X Ambassadors talented and Love for the music they perform and their fans. They had a MOMENT at Stubbs w/ the crowd when it came to honoring those who lost their lives during the most recent school shooting in Santa Fe High School on Friday morning. Sam expressed his feelings about it, and what he thought everyone together should do to help with change. They dedicated this song in honor of the Santa Fe HS Victims & injured survivors and their families, as well as others who have lost their lives, or know of someone they have lost due to gun violence....  Here's 'The Moment' X Ambassadors had w/ the crowd at Stubbs Saturday night...   (the lights were messing w/ video, so they are brilliant bright) #MomentOfAction  #MomentOfChange 

Indivisble Austin can get you to all the 411 to reach your representative. YOU CAN TAKE ACTION ... VOTE TOMORROW, TUESDAY MAY 22ND! Polls are open on Tuesday to vote in the primary election runoffs. If you didn’t vote during the early-voting period last week, this is your LAST CHANCE. Click here for 3 questions to ask yourself as you go to the polls...

The night had many 'HAPPY MOMENTS'  or 'JOYFUL MOMENTS' too. ATX was the last stop on the JOYFUL TOUR,and I would say X Ambassadors 'ROCKED IT'.  They will be back in ATX in October for ACL Music Festival.. a MUST SEE & EXPERIENCE MOMENTS W/ X AMBASSADORS FOR YOURSELF!