Your Honey's Scent Can Make You Sleep Better

Similar effect as a sleep aid.

February 18, 2020
Heather honey Ted & Rudy sleeping

Ever steal your honey's shirt to wear? Smell? Their scent triggers a reaction / emotion in you. Add sleeping better to that, and they're never getting their favorite shirt back. Here's what's up! 

"Researchers found that even just sleeping with a shirt that one's romantic partner has worn leads to improved slumber."   In theory it sounds reasonable, and the research here proves it. Here's a break down of how the study was conducted by researchers from the University of British Columbia 

  • The study involved 155 participants (sleepers).
  • Their partners (t-shirt /scent givers) were given a clean t-shirt and instructed to wear it for 24 hours.
  • They were asked not to use deodorant or scented products.
  • They were to avoid smoking, exercising and eating certain certain stinky foods while wearing the t-shirt.
  • The t-shirts were frozen to preserve their scent.  (Put your honey's shirt in the freezer when you know you'll be sleeping alone.)
  • The 155 participants were given 2 identical-looking t-shirts to use as pillowcases. 
  • One of the t-shirt pillow cases w/ their partners scent, and another one was either clean or worn by a stranger.
  • The participants (sleepers) were not told which one was which.
  • They spent 2 nights sleeping with one and then the other t-shirt case on the pillow.
  • After each night, they completed a survey about their state of restfulness.
  • Sleep quality was also measured using a sleep watch that monitored their movements during the night.

At the end of the study...

  • The participants (sleepers) were asked to guess which shirt their partner wore.The participants felt more rested on nights they thought they were sleeping w/ their partners scent.

Results of the UBS Scent Sleep Study: The UBS researchers found regardless what the participants believed about scent exposure, the data from the sleep watches indicated that objective sleep improved when they were actually exposed to their partner's scent. The average sleep improvement was more than 2%. They found that the effect for better sleep was similar to taking oral melatonin supplements. The physical presence of their long-term partner is linked to health benefits that include a sense of safety and stress reduction which can lead to better sleep. This study could lead to more research that's looking at easy & effective ways to improve sleep.

Americans are expected to shell out around $52 Billion on sleep aids & remedies for better sleep. These researchers feel it's worth doing more studies to find more effective natural ways to sleep w/out the worries of any side affects suppliments / medications can cause. Going natural honey could be the way to sleep. 

Sweet Dreams with your honey's shirt that should smell ripe after a few nights w/ your sweat & drool mixed in. That 'Couples Stank' could be another research maker. Throw in a furbaby scent too. I'm feeling lots of studies coming on ... Happy Sleeping ... 

Side thoughts: What about switching pillow cases w/  your honey after a few nights? I wonder if the stranger's scent caused other subconscious reactions for some participants?  Guess these would bring on more studies.