Would You Ride The Yukon Striker?

#RollerCoasterEnthusiast #WonderlandCanada

August 17, 2018

Behemoth Roller Coaster at Wonderland in Canada Dreamstime


Here's a reason you may want to plan a trip to Canada next year (2019). Roller Coaster Fans!  Wonderland is going to out due the Behemoth!  OPENING EARLY 2019! THE YUKON STRIKER ... THE BIGGEST, FASTEST DIVE COASTER IN THE WORLD WILL GO 80 MPH, DROP YOU 245 FEET! There's a 90 degree drop, which will make it the World's steepest incline on any roller coaster that exists right now. It's their first dive coaster, and the 17th roller coaster at  Wonderland in Ontario, CanadaMore here

This video definitely gives you the idea of what to expect.  My tummy actually flipped a bit w/ that 90 degree drop just from the video. Imagine how that will be riding the real thing.  Do you think you could ride the 'YUKON STRIKER'