A Yummy Christmas Halloween Combo That Can Work!

Here's how! Enjoy!

October 24, 2019

Yummy! HR


I was Happy to find out this is popping up in freezers. I know it's before Halloween, but it really is worthing knowing. I tried it a few years ago, and found a new holiday treat fav. Look out! It's Back! A yummy reminder of Christmas Time / Holidays Past & Present!  Keep an eye out for it. If/ when you see it grab it. It doesn't stick around very long in a store freezer.. not in my home freezer either ...  

Here's how to create a Happy Halloween Christmas Yummy Combo.. . Enjoy it as Santa & the Mrs. Zombie Claus .. put a bit of the Spirit of Holiday Yummy Horror into it! 

Makes Santa & the Mrs. Zombie Claus Happy!

Enjoy! Happy Halloween ... Holidays!