Look Out for these Oreo Newbies!

Will they jump in your cart soon?

August 2, 2019

yophotography GettyImages


Just a few days ago shopping w/ honey Ted , I was wondering when a new Oreo tasty treat might pop up. BAM ... I ran across this. We don't have to just eat our Oreos. We can drink them too. Together a DOUBLE  YUMMY EXPERIENCE!  

I have seen the Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos at HEB/ Walmart .. all over.  But this month of August the word is a Golden Oreo flavor combo is expected. An early Fall debut flavor. Do you enjoy having breakfast food anytime of a day? Do you think eating cookies for breakfast works? If you answered YES to both, you might be a fan of the  Maple Cream Oreo. Look out for these towards the end of August. I'm ready for these to jump in my cart. How about you?

Don't forget #MysteryOreo round 2 is happening this year (2019). In 2017, it was #FruityPebblesOreo, which didn't seem to get a lot of Love. A redemption flavor is coming this year! What flavor would you enjoy eating?