How the NFL Draft ruined these bachelorette parties

No dudes allowed!

April 30, 2019

In Austin, we are pretty famous for our bachelorette parties.  Go to dirty 6th or Rainey Stret this weekend and you're bound to see them-look for the "Getting married" sashes, or maybe the one girl dressed in white with her friends all dressed in black, or perhaps all the ladies are wearing CRAZY know what i'm talking about.  

Well another town that caters to these ladies is Nashville.  So imagine this...ladies plan their trips for months, get their flights and hotels, check in and go hit the town...and they are greeted with this:

Dudes.  Tens of thousands of dudes.  And these aren't clean-cut dudes you'd find on "The Bachelorette"...these are football jersey wearin', beer drinkin' dudes.  See, the NFL Draft was also scheduled to occur in Nashville last weekend.  And some ladies were none too pleased...