Mom takes daughter's phone away, so she gets creative

Gotta give her credit!

August 14, 2019

A popular punishment for kids these days is the dreaded "phone confiscation".  Mom and Dad take the kid's phone away, cutting them off from the outside world.  Well a girl named Dorothy recently faced this problem, so she got creative and figured out new ways to get her tweets out.

Dorothy(a big Ariana Grande fan) started tweeting from her old Nintendo 3DS!  Smart, right?  Well that didn't last.

Whoops.  So now what?  Dorothy found a new way...

How about tweeting from her Nintendo Wii!  Smart!  Well of course that didn't last either, so what's left?  Dorothy saved the best for last...

SHE TWEETED FROM HER REFRIGERATOR.  Brilliant.  Even the fridge company had to give her props.