Guess who's turning 40 today?

Happy birthday, Kanye!

June 8, 2017

Today is Kanye West's 40th birthday.  I am a big Kanye fan and I make no apologies about this(that doesn't mean I always agree with him, for the record).  He is reportedly somewhere in the mountains working on his next album and I check the internet daily for updates on this project.  

Last year was my 40th birthday, which I spent going to see Kanye in Miami.

Praise Yeezus. #kanyewest #saintpablotour

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So happy birthday, Mr. West!  Oh, and today is also national best friends day so here's an old picture of me and my best friend Kanye.  (Yes, we hung out for 10 minutes about a decade ago so I consider us best friends, deal with it)