Freezer pops that cure hangovers are here to change your life

Game changer!

June 20, 2019

Summertime in Texas.  It's hot and it's going to be hot for several weeks, if not months.  You go out on the weekend and have a couple too many adult beverages, but you want to live your best poolside life the next day.  What to do?

How the cool kids rehydrate --#notjustforbabies #mypedialyte

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Pedialyte has made freezer pops to help cure hangovers!  Will life ever be the same after this invention??  It looks like John Mayer is a fan-the pops recently showed up in his Instagram story.  Stay hydrated out there, Austin!

Our Freezer Pops were made for the pool -- We've got 4 awesome flavors to help the kiddos rehydrate fast this summer.

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