Sean Mack's favorite moments of ACL 2019

Another great year at Zilker!

October 14, 2019

As we close the book on another year at ACL Fest, let's take one more look back at what I saw over the two weekends!

Favorite acts:

Billie Eilish-I made sure to see her both weekends.  Billie(and her brother Finneas) always deliver when it comes to a live show.  She bounces between upbeat dance songs to ballads with ease.  And whoever stole Billie's ring off her hand weekend two, shame!

Mumford and Sons-This was my first Mumford show.  They really are a perfect festival band.  Upbeat, fun, lots of instruments.  We also stood by Matthew McConaughey for this show, and let me tell you...he LOVES him some Mumford and Sons.  He was dancing, singing, one point, he was doing some sort of spirit fingers dance really was peak Austin.  And finally, when they brought out the Austin High marching band!?!

Guns N' Roses-This was a FUN show.  The last 45 minutes(starting with Sweet Child O' Mine and ending with Paradise City) was as good as it got at ACL this year.

Rosalia-I had never seen her perform before, so I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  She's awesome and is going to be an even bigger star very soon(and a future headliner, i'd guess).

RL Grime-I'm a huge EDM fan, and this set was the best dance music set at ACL this year.  A non-stop party.


Other random stuff I liked at ACL-

The "Hi, How Are You" area that was for information and resources for good mental health-really cool!

And finally, getting to share it all with my fiance-from the hot weather of weekend one(left) to the cold second weekend(right), we certainly saw it all!