Keeping an ACL Fest Tradition alive in 2020

Off to Zilker to continue the streak!

October 5, 2020
acl fest

Last weekend was supposed to be the first weekend of ACL Fest.  It is my favorite Austin weekend of the year.  Days and nights filled with music of all kinds, beautiful weather, food, drinks and fun in Zilker Park.  Every year, my wife and I get a picture of us to look back on.  It's the only place where have a picture from every year of being together.  



3 did we keep this tradition alive in 2020?  Well, we made a few drinks on Friday night and made our own ACL Fest sign at our kitchen table, drove over to Zilker on Saturday, climbed up on the rock, duct-taped those letters up there and prayed they stayed up long enough to get our picture.  Success!