Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: The Kitten Backpack

It's Cat-tastic.

April 5, 2019

As you may know, my girlfriend and I adopted a kitten from Austin Pets Alive a couple of months ago.  Sneaker is now five months old and living his best life-his days are full of naps, food, and toys.  However, we like to get out and about a lot and we don't want him missing out, so we scoured the web and found the solution-a cat backpack!

It's designed so they can go on adventures with you comfortably.  It has lots of ventilation and the sides open up so they can stick their heads out and see what's going on.  We call it his little spaceship.  He was pretty chill at first!

Once we went outside, he was a little weary of things...i'm pretty sure he thought he was going to the vet.  Once we walked around for a while, he relaxed.  We went to Sandy's for ice cream and then over to check out the downtown skyline.  By that time, he was an old pro!  I think he'll enjoy it more the next time now that he knows what to expect.  He's got the life, that's for sure!  Now, back to napping.