Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: Dinner at Austin's hottest restaurant

Warning: This will make you hungry.

August 17, 2018

Austin is filled with cuilnary delights, so you tend to notice when the buzz about one particular place is standing out above the rest.  Suerte opened in March on East 6th Street, and it didn't take long for word to spread.  Eater recently named Suerte one of the 18 best new restaurants in America.  Vamos!

My girlfriend and I went there for our anniversary dinner, so we wanted to try a bunch of things.

This is their take on Mexican street corn, or "corn in a cup".  So good, and it's hot and got a little kick to it.

This quesadilla dish is so much better than it looks.  After taking this picture, I was like "I wish I could show how good this tastes in a photo".  The key is the masa that they make in-house and from scratch.  

You'll be eating a lot of meat and bread, so this little dish is a great palate change.  It's peaches and mangoes with goat feta in green goddess dressing.  Sweet and delicious!

The carne asada is great as well.  But if you're looking for the one dish you MUST get when you go to Suerte, here it is.

The brisket tacos.  They might be the best tacos in Austin.

Suerte is my new favorite restaurant in the city-go, go, go!