Sean Mack got engaged!

Love is in the mountain air...

April 29, 2019

It was a big weekend-my girlfriend and I got engaged!  So this took some planning and a little bit of luck, but I pulled it off.  First off, I had to pull off a surprise without it really BEING a surprise.  See, Dani and I live together and have been dating for some time.  We had discussed getting married and how we wanted to take this exciting next step in our lives together.  I had even told her that I was going to propose “this spring”, so I was running out of time to where she wouldn’t totally see it coming.  Meanwhile, I’ve had the ring hidden in our closet for weeks.

Our favorite thing to do together is travel and discover new places.  I knew I wanted to propose on one of these trips, so I suggested we go to explore west Texas and New Mexico over the weekend.  Yes, we stopped at the Prada Marfa store on our way west.


Saturday was going to be the big day.  We started in Albuquerque and then north to Santa Fe.  We spent the afternoon hiking up a mountain in Tent Rocks National Park, one of the most beautiful places in the world.


A great place to propose, right?  Nope…Dani had mentioned in passing that she hoped I didn’t propose on a hike because we’d be all sweaty.  She looked beautiful as always, but I left the ring in the car.  I wanted to pop the question at our favorite place…in the middle of nowhere under the stars.  After an amazing dinner(go to The Shed in Santa Fe if you’re ever in town), we were going to drive out of town to stargaze.  I had a backpack with the ring, champagne, and little confetti cannons(she always said she wanted confetti for our proposal after we had it at Merry Mix Show, haha).  I “left” this bag in the car when we checked into the hotel, hoping she wouldn’t notice.  However, she’s a woman.  Women notice everything. 

“Hey, did you leave your bookbag in the car downstairs?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot it…it’s okay, it just had some clothes in it, I don’t need it”. 

“Oh, okay”.  Whew.

So the next step was finding a secluded spot to see the stars(luckily, it wasn’t cloudy…there was no backup plan for that).  I mapped a road north of town that went up to a ski lodge.  Perfect, right?  Um…we start driving up and it’s a road out of a horror movie…dark, in the forest, steep curves and no lights anywhere.  The map says to drive up this mountain for 30 minutes.  Halfway through, Dani says “you’re not bringing me up here to murder me, are you?”

Finally, I found a lookout area.  We looked at the stars and I then went to the car to “grab my hat, it’s cold up here”…and the ring box.  I was also supposed to have sparklers and fireworks for this portion so she could see me propose in the middle of the darkness…but the forest had a fire hazard warning in effect.  I had visions of starting a wildfire with a roman candle, so I had to keep those in the bag.  I improvised by turning my cell phone light on and putting it on the ground.  I got on one knee and proposed, and luckily she said yes.

We went back the next morning to get some pictures of the spot, it was amazing.

  We were also pretty sure we should have been eaten by bears the night before.  Luckily, it all worked out.  I can’t wait for a lifetime of adventure with her.  Te amo, bonita!