Check out Sean Mack's new kitten!

Don't shop, adopt!

January 28, 2019

I love cats.  They are great companions and super chill.  Way back in 2001, I adopted a little guy from the pound.  He was my best friend for the next 15 and a half years until he crossed the rainbow bridge right before I moved to Austin two years ago.  I knew i'd get another one eventually.  This past weekend, my girlfriend and I decided it was time.  Off to Austin Pets Alive!

So there are a lot of cats at Austin Pets Alive looking for their forever homes.  In particular, they have a wing of cats with ringworm.  This sounds gross and scary, but it's actually very common, curable and easily treated.  We checked out all these little guys and then saw one that caught our eye.

He's a 3-month old little orange tabby that just came into APA on Thursday.  Let's get you home, buddy!

We filled out all the paperwork and the great team at Austin Pets Alive went over how to give him his medicine and make him feel comfortable in his new home.

He's in that box.  He didn't love the box, but it was only a five-minute drive.

Let's get you out of there!

So we've got him in a little quarantine for a couple of weeks until he's healthy, and then he'll have the full run of our place.  His new name is Kriscat Purrzingis-named after my favorite basketball player, Kristaps Porzingis.  Yes, I'm a grown-up and I came up with this.  Go to Austin Pets Alive and find your own fur-ever friend!  They are waiting for you!