Sean Mack's movie review: "The Invisible Man"

Opening this weekend!

February 28, 2020

There are two really slow movie periods every year: now(when there are a lot of low-budget films that usually aren’t well-reviewed or big budget films that aren’t good at all) and right after summer(when films that weren’t viewed as potential blockbusters get buried).  Hence, there haven’t been a lot of new films to get excited about in recent weeks.  One exception is “The Invisible Man”, opening this weekend.


The movie is a contemporary take on the classic story by H.G. Wells.  This version stars Elizabeth Moss as a woman whose life spirals out of control after escaping her abusive partner.  When she finds out that he has died, you’d think her life would be finally getting back to normal.  However, he was a pioneer in optical technology…leading her to think that he has actually invented a way to become invisible and stalk her every move.

This is a really good suspense film-I wouldn’t call it a “horror movie” because a lot of the frights are in the anticipation of what could happen.  There are a lot of really quiet scenes where you can feel your heart beating.  Moss is great in this too, especially since a lot of scenes are her by herself.  This is a fun night at the movies.  It’s not going to win any awards or anything, but it’s a good call for a night out!

2 ½ stars out of 4