Sean Mack's Movie Review: "Knives Out"

But whodunit?

December 6, 2019

Have you ever played the board game “Clue”?  If not, here’s the basic premise: it’s a murder-mystery where someone has been killed and it’s up to you to put the clues together and figure out who’s the guilty party.

Which leads me to “Knives Out”.


The film is written and directed by Rian Johnson, who most recently gave us “The Last Jedi”.  This film puts a wealthy family in the house of their recently-deceased patriarch, a famous mystery writer.  But…how did it happen?  Murder?  Suicide?  And who (if anyone) is responsible?  The movie lets you play along, keenly watching every scene for any clues you can pick up along the way.  The movie features standout performances from Toni Collette and Chris Evans-and especially Daniel Craig, who plays a private detective with a hilariously over-the-top Kentucky southern drawl that puts Colonel Sanders to shame.  It’s a smart and funny film that leaves you guessing until the end.  Good luck figuring out whodunit!

Four knives out of five