Sean Mack's Movie Review: "Shazam!"

Oh yeah, superhero movies are supposed to be fun!

April 9, 2019

It rained a LOT this past weekend.  So, what better time to head to the movies!  I finally got a chance to see DC Comic's latest superhero movie, "Shazam!"

This was a really good movie!  Sometimes, superhero movies tend to take themselves a little too seriously-I mean, do we REALLY need a THREE hour Avengers movie?  “Shazam!” had a little bit of everything…great action, lots of funny one-liners, and even a little bit of heart.  It’s kind of equal parts Superman-meets-Big-meets-The Goonies.  Zachary Levi is perfect in his role as a child transformed into a grown-up superhero with all sorts of powers, and the kids that play his friends and new foster family are all great.  Be sure to go see this one while it is still in theatres, it’s fun for everyone.