Sean Mack's TV Review: "Outer Banks"

Binge watch alert!

April 23, 2020

So it’s no secret that we are all looking for things to watch these days.  I’m currently watching all 8 seasons of “Vanderpump Rules” from the beginning but we will save that for another blog.  Or, maybe not?  Anyway, I did watch a new Netflix show over the past week-“Outer Banks”.

I was initially intrigued by this show because of where it is set.  I grew up in North Carolina and spent my summers on the Outer Banks, so I wanted to see how accurate the area was portrayed.  The answer?  Some things were great(one of the characters was wearing a Cheerwine shirt and they drank Pepsi, which was invented there).  Others, not too much(at one point, two characters take a ferry boat ride to Chapel Hill…which is three hours inland and is definitely not accessible by boat).

Now on to the show itself.  I thought this was a great quarantine show-it’s a teen melodrama with a little adventure thrown in.  Some parts are serious, but you never take it THAT seriously.  Think “The OC” on steroids with a little “Goonies” thrown in.  Some of the bad guy characters are really stereotypically over the top, which is really (unintentionally, I think) funny. 

Fun show-I’d recommend it!