June 8, 2020
squirrel eating

So when the age of coronavirus arrived, my wife and I bought some things for our apartment to help pass the time-and give us something interesting to look at every day.  One of those purchases was a squirrel bench.  I'm sure you've seen these on your social media feed.  It is what it says it is: a picnic bench for a squirrel.  You put food out and they are supposed to roll right up and dig in.

Except, they didn't.

Days went by.  Weeks.  The birds, however, loved the new addition and would visit daily.


And yes, that is a tiny billboard that says "All Are Welcome Here".  We were desperate.

52 days later, it finally happened.

He sat right down and ate for a good 30 minutes.  I guess he read the Yelp reviews from the birds.