Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: The Christmas Haunted House

Only in Austin!

December 19, 2018

You know what I love?  Christmas.

You know what I also love?  Haunted houses.

So when I found out that Scream Hollow in Smithville was combining the two into something called "Twisted Christmas", I couldn't get there fast enough.  Let's go!

It is held at the same location as their Halloween festivities, except everything has been given a Christmas makeover.  There are lights and displays everywhere.

There was even a rock band doing Christmas covers as the cafe served hot chocolate.  I was then greeted by a dirty Santa who picked me up and put me on his lap.

I still feel dirty.  We also met Krampus, who punishes little kids who misbehave.

There are also two awesome haunted houses-I won't spoil those, they were a blast.  And I even made a new friend.

Check it out this weekend!