Sean Mack visits Kelly Clarkson's house

A wild night in Tennessee!

October 6, 2017

Okay, i'm sure you have questions.  Like "Sean, why were you at Kelly Clarkson's house last night" and "Were you even invited"(that answer is amazingly yes).  Before we get to that, a little backstory.  

So I am a day one, ride or die Kelly Clarkson fan.  I voted for her on American Idol.  I have the CDs.  I've seen "From Justin to Kelly" multiple times, probably more times than either Justin or Kelly has.  So when my friends at Atlantic Records invited me to a sneak preview of Kelly's new album at her actual house north of Nashville, there's no way I could say no.  But what fun would it be if I kept all this to myself?  I took pictures for you!

After passing through security and the metal gates, you come upon the front of her house(which she shares with her husband and their kids).  The price tag is 8 million dollars!  No, I wasn't rude by asking the price tag...the home is currently for sale(the family is moving to a farm).

Here's a look at the back of the house and the pool-

There was a downstairs entertaiment room with a bar(and the seats were all saddles).  If you look closely, you can see Kelly standing in the middle in a black dress...she mingled with everyone as we ate and drank.  Then, we all gathered under a big tent as she played us songs from her upcoming album!

Finally, I got to say hello to Kelly...she was as nice as you'd expect.  I told her I was from Austin and she told me she was going to go to UT...but then she auditioned for American Idol.  She added "I think it probably worked out better that way...I would have partied way too much there!"

After that, we all had more drinks and food until it was time to hop on the shuttle and head back home.  As I was leaving, I said goodbye to Kelly and thanked her for having us...and we hopped on snapchat for a quick second.  Enjoy.  Haha

It was an amazing night...thanks again to Kelly and Atlantic Records and I can't wait for the new album!