Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: Let's Hopscotch

Make sure your phone is charged.

February 18, 2019

It seems like a big trend lately are these "experiences" where you can take all sorts of pictures for your Instagram page.  There's a new one in Austin called "Let's Hopscotch", which is billed as an "immersive art experience".  It runs until the end of March.  My girlfriend and I went for opening night on Valentine's Day, it was a lot of fun!  It was more interesting than the usual selfie experiences-these are actual art exhibits that just happen to be very interactive.

For example, this is a room where you scream into a microphone and a neon face "reacts" to you.  You then go into a small bathroom and write what you were yelling about on the wall.  Very cathartic!

I loved this room-you pull on a rope and the whole ceiling turns into a thunderstorm and lights up.

This room will provide the best instagram shots, for sure.  All these rows of lights change colors constantly.

And finally, you can never go wrong with a giant ball pit!

Overall, it's a lot of fun.  Check it out while it's still around!