Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: COTA's Winter Wonderland

Christmastimmmmme is hereeeeeee!

December 5, 2017

Yesterday, I blogged about one of Austin's oldest Christmas traditions(decorating Christmas Trees on Loop 360).  Today, let's talk about one of the newest: the "Winter Wonderland" at Circuit of the Americas!

This is already a very popular attraction, so get your tickets online in advance if you plan to go(it was sold out last Saturday night when I was there).  There are a variety of activities to enjoy, including the trail of lights that takes place on the racetrack itself!

There's also a really cool tunnel of lights-you walk through and they play holiday favorites that sync up with the colors.

Did I mention they also have singing Christmas trees?  Yes, singing Christmas trees.

They also had rides, a petting zoo, movies, a human snow globe, food, drinks(for kids and...ahem...grown-ups) and an ice skating rink!

My only complaint-the rink didn't have real ice(it was like a cold rubber mat) so it was hard to skate.  Maybe next year?  Anyway, it's a fun night for the whole family-check it out!