Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: Hook 'Em Horns!

Tailgating in the Fall-an Austin tradition

November 13, 2017

Football in the fall-does it get any better?  Over the weekend, I got to head back to DKR for some Longhorns football-and this time, I was determined to get the full tailgate experience as well.

This was my second UT game of the year-I made it to the home opener against Maryland.  However, that game kicked off at 11am and it was 95 degrees was not ideal for tailgating.  This past Saturday, now THAT's a perfect tailgating situation-temps in the upper 60s, overcast skies, and a 5pm kickoff time.  So I loaded up the car with snacks and drinks and hit the scene.

People do not play around at UT tailgates-there were tents with food, drinks, cable TV with all the games, even live music.  The tailgate I was invited into even had an amazing mariachi band!

As for the game, it was great...a big Longhorns victory over Kansas!

10/10, would tailgate again.