Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: Jacob's Well

It's hot out. Cool off.

June 12, 2018

Summer in Texas is just a constant search for cool things to do.  It's either hang out inside and blast the air conditioning...or get out and enjoy the beauty of the area.  Last weekend, I had a chance to drive out to Hays County and visit Jacob's Well!

First off, if you plan to go swimming in the water you'll need to make a reservation-so plan ahead.  However, you can hike around the area anytime.  You pull in, park your car and begin the 10-minute hike down to the well.

Uh oh.  I didn't see any, for the record.

On to the well itself.  It's a beautiful little swimming hole, and very secluded!  

Just be careful-the well itself goes down for upwards of 100 feet(!).  In fact, several divers have died over the years trying to explore the well.  So stay up top and soak up the sun instead.  It's worth the drive!