Sean Mack's movie review: "Little Women"

The classic tale revisited.

December 26, 2019

With the Christmas holiday falling on a Wednesday this year, you might have more days off than usual.  What to do?  Well lucky for you, it is movie award season-all the big Hollywood studios are running out their Oscar hopefuls (movies have to be released in theatres before the end of the year to be eligible).  One example is the latest remake of the classic book, “Little Women”.


Yes, another movie adaptation of the book (previous versions came out in 1933 and 1994).  However, director Greta Gerwig puts enough of her own special spin on the familiar material to make it a movie you should check out.  For one, the movie jumps around to different times in the book, not just following it along from beginning to end.  Plus, there are tons of really good actresses in this-most notably Saoirse Ronan and Meryl Streep.  Finally, it’s just a really beautifully-shot movie.  It will make you want to move to New England and buy a farmhouse.  A solid film, go see it-hey, it’s better than watching your Uncle snore on the couch!

3 out of 4