Robert Cianflone / Staff

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger drop kicked

May 20, 2019

Even at 71, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is still a beast.  Because most people would have been ROCKED by this . . .  He was in South Africa on Saturday for an event called the Arnold Classic Africa, where a bunch of kids compete in different sporting events.And he was talking to some fans in the crowd when a crazed lunatic ran up from behind, and DROP-KICKED him in the BACK. It looked pretty serious at first.  Then the guy yelled something about needing a Lamborghini while a very large security guard dragged him away.  (???)

The good news is Arnold was NOT seriously hurt.  We've seen two different angles of it, and he didn't even fall down. (Someone on Twitter claimed the guy injured HIMSELF during the kick, but it's not clear if that's true.) Arnold said afterward that he thought someone just bumped into him at first, and didn't realize how hard the guy kicked him until he saw the footage.He posted an update on Twitter yesterday and said he's not planning to press charges.  Adding that he'd rather focus on all the great athletes at the event.  But it sounds like the guy could face charges anyway. 

Watch the video of what happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger - click here to watch.