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Ed Sheeran really loves ketchup. No, seriously

Do you like ketchup? Okay, maybe on an occasional french fry...but it probably doesn't rank first on your favorite condiments list. Well, don't tell that to Ed Sheeran. He LOVES Heinz ketchup. I mean, he even has a Heinz ketchup tattoo! Every time I hear Ed Sheeran I think about the fact that he... Read More
Lewis Capaldi

How Lewis Capaldi's Fan Army Got Its Wild Name

Fan armies are a thing these days, but Lewis Capaldi never imagined he’d be lucky enough to have one. That’s why he didn’t put much thought into it when someone asked him what his legion of followers would be called. Since “Beliebers” was already taken, Capaldi went with the first thing that came... Read More

WATCH: Taylor Swift's new star studded music video!!!

Video of Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down Lover, album out August 23. Cover shot by the artistic genius that is @valheria123 -- Pre-add, pre-save, pre-order (all the pre stuff you feel like doing) Can’t wait for you to hear this. A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Jun 13, 2019 at 2... Read More

Combating Climate Change & Plastics Waste Tony Stark's Style

Celebrities doing lots of 1THINGS because they care about the environment and the negative changes it's experiencing due to Climate Change & Plastics Waste. Robert Downey Jr . w/ help of his friend Matt Damon annoucned he's forming a new coalition known as the 'Footprint Coalition' that will... Read More

A Yummy Way to Stay Cool in ATX! More Sweet Moments Coming!

During the weekend , when I was on a Grocery Shopping Date Night w/ honey Ted more than one Breyers CarbSmart treat jumped in our cart. Getting $1 off 48 oz tubs at our neighborhood H-E-B , made it an extra Yummy Special. Low on Carbs, but not on Taste .. Vanilla ... Chocolate ... & newbie... Read More

A Sweet Moment during Movie Night at Home

honey Ted & I found a Yummy way to Stay Cool! Dropping by the freezer that has been stocked up from our Grocery Shopping Date Night. Grab a couple of tubs & spoons. A Sweet Yummy Moment happens during Movie Night at home. Thanks to Breyers CarbSmart! Now through 6/18 get $1 off Breyers... Read More