The $1,000 What the Heck Check

Your chance at $1,000 every hour, 9a-5p, weekdays


You know that one thing that's just been sitting on your wish list? Well here's your chance to say, “What the heck?!  I’ll take it!”  

The $1,000 What the Heck Check is back!!  Where just one text could win you $1,000!

Listen weekdays at about 20 minutes after every hour, 9am til 5pm for the cash code word to be announced.  When you hear it, text the word to 72881 and you could win $1,000! 

There’s a new winner randomly chosen every hour.  What the heck?!  It might was well be you!​

This is a National Contest. Message & data rates may apply.  Message frequency may vary.