Entercom 1Thing

We believe in the power of 1Thing.

Entercom, a Radio.com company, is proud to present 1Thing, a sustainability initiative promoting positive environmental practices and living. We know that if everyone did just 1Thing to improve the environment every day, our world would be a better place to live in for generations to come.

How One Company Is Transforming Food Waste Into 3D-Printed Edible Snacks

With a third of the food produced in the world each year going to waste, a Dutch company has found an innovative way to give the discarded edibles a new lease on life.
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Footwear Company Launches Shoes Made From Used Coffee Grounds

XpreSole, by CCILU Footwear, is giving coffee lovers and sneakerheads the pick-me-up they’ve both been waiting for with a line of shoes made from used coffee grounds.
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Tesla Competitors Rivian and Bollinger Charge Up to Shock Market With Electric Trucks

While many people know about the Tesla Cybertruck unveiled last year by Elon Musk, two competitors in particular are charged up and ready to go with electric fleets of their own.
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Company Offers Eco-Friendly Eyewear Made From Plant-Based Resin and Upcycled Plastics

Dragon Eyewear, known globally for its performance eyewear and accessories, unveiled the ultimate items for extreme nature lovers: eyewear made from plant-based resin and upcycled plastics.
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Animal webcams to Enjoy from Home

Animal webcams to watch from the comforts of your home. Do 1Thing to keep them safe when we can go, go, go.
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Celebrate 1Day doing 1Thing to preserve the Greater ATX Community

Mix 94.7 is celebrating with our Entercom sister stations across the country 1 Day/ 1Thing for Earth Day's 50th Anniversary. Make a difference while social distancing at home. Your spring cleaning clutter can get a second life with #GoodwillCentralTexas. #1Day1Thing #GoodWillCome #stayconnected
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Livin' the Green Life with Pets

More & more pet parents are learning and becoming more eco-friendly in livin' the Green life. Doing 1Thing with your pet each day will help their overall health and happiness as well as helping the environment. Find lots of #LivintheGreenLife pet 1Things thanks to #Rover in honor of #EarthDay50...
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Deodorant getting an Eco-friendly Makeover

P&G giving some deodorants a packaging makeover and being tested in May. Moving away from plastics toxic to Mama Earth.
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Coronavirus Lessons Apply to Muted Earth Day Celebrations

Like so many aspects of life right now, celebrations for Earth Day are bound to be disrupted worldwide by the COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases, they have been replaced with people doing at-home activities.
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Why We Celebrate Earth Day

This year marks Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. And while many will be celebrating the occasion — albeit in ways they never have before — few people know about the history of the event. This is why we celebrate the holiday.
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