Happy Story

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Happy Story: NIC-VIEW Cameras

Dell Children’s Medical Center is one of only twelve neonatal intensive care units in the entire state of Texas certified as Level Five; offering the highest level of care available for the most critically ill babies. Dell Children’s Level Five NICU (NICK-YOU) specializes in providing care for...
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Happy Story: Makayla’s Art Therapy Story

Makayla’s Art Therapy Story When 10 year old Makayla was diagnosed with a devastating brain tumor, doctors at Dell Children’s were struggling to manage the level of pain she was in. During one of her many hospital stays, a monitor was surgically placed in the ventricle of Makayla’s brain to collect...
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Happy Story: Parker and the Patriots

When a little boy named Parker began having trouble breathing, his parents knew something wasn’t right and immediately brought him in to Dell Children’s Medical Center. Parker was checked in for a sleep study and ultimately this family’s worst nightmare came true when he was diagnosed with a rare...
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Happy Story: Kaycie’s Teddy Bear

Kaycie’s Teddy Bear The Cooper family welcomed their brand-new baby girl, Kaycie, on November 11, 2014. Mom, Cara, had a perfectly normal pregnancy and Kaycie was born completely healthy. Then, suddenly at just six weeks old, Kaycie’s tiny brain began bleeding and she suffered a major stroke. The...
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Happy Story: Solo the Wonder Dog

Dell Children’s Comprehensive Care Clinic is the only multi-disciplinary medical home for the most complex children in Central Texas serving over 600 children with special needs who, along with their families, are dealing with highly stressful experiences.
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