Alex asks bartenders to charge his that ok?

Thursday, June 21st

Alex asks bartenders to charge his that ok? 

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I had a question Nazi bunkers there yet and I wanna strip answers to had been doing this for ever we'll straight nights and tonight. I think that I am bothering a lot of people when I do it but when I go out weather beater bar restaurants and my dad I was at Tennessee while I'm there to go out to the bartender. A waiter waitress and ask him if I can borrow their iPhone charger. God so annoying and here's why I do they I charge my phone prior to going out. But we all know that it's rambling that apps drains your battery and so does FaceBook so end when I'm out I'm tech announcing with some post in what's up. But also I'm going out and I'm easily over so I do have that app. App started it's already gone when. And I forget to like kill. So then by the time I get to wherever I met a look at my battery drainage going down on us and that's what I did there are several bars and have that built in machine you know we can charge and wing hate. I love those eleven but there's places and I've been to you that there's not been and I and it asked the bar tonight Dana did you guys like us we heard the domain nor Boston. Asked our parts and their but it is that one of the afternoon known was there and she was called IC's Libby charge my phone but this last weekend I. Ask the people to bars on west campus as I get charged my found in like one guy chips on don't have. Have an iPhone charger Mike iPhone charger and I kind of like sol when in his bat in the back when I see how we're going to be. And did some economic whatever you know hey maybe I'm not aligned and other person I asked bid ask around other employees may seem so annoyed by it but is it rude to ask. Asked bartenders and I tried my thought at their place. 100%. Hold out Janet's out Dawson is on the phone she's a bartender hey good morning. How do you feel about people ask you to charge their phones for them. I hate it went up there that need Atari are found they think it's really great news to. Now especially if I did BM not our current slump since then forgot stake. How would you feel your I don't think injuring challenge to land agent turned my phone. I feel like no I'm knack and it jag you're right our whole. I don't mind that it is wasting my time and our European figure out your own sign how to charge and. And I. Those are giving your old man hanging out drinking and driving CNB response hello I'm not who I am.