Alex gives horrible advice

Friday, July 14th

Listen to the horrible advice Alex gave his friend who wants to go to Vegas to see the big fight.


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And I just keeps you don't know about it there is a fight it's going down the laws they issued the fight of the century it's Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor. You don't necessarily have to carry just have to know that this is every man like Super Bowl Christmas time. All rolled into one absolutely true it's crazy last naming just talking my wife about it and I was like tea sets with a patriotism again pounding it. I wanna go watch anywhere on the no one having won over someone actually focus on it and my wife was like why wanna watch until. I'm really. Does she was like yes finally Bonser only USC but just hype is being built around just like V drama she loves drama. Yes and the fact that. Every Hollywood star. Actor actor is so I and seeing her I mean it's going to be. You're gonna be an air show that's gonna make it kind of fun you could you have that's you know side. Piece of the puzzle. Which leads the amazing thing I'll friend of mine. They're being nameless but a very good friend of mine who works for a liquor company today. Well the liquor company has invited a slice future go to despite because they're one they're putting on the events go here's a deal. He's got the invite. He has the tickets of the fight them like press or whatever working badges are bad because the only him alone. But it's only him alone TSE and allies may suggest a more all its not he has some work but he's been invited two months ago his wife and him just had a baby. She wants to go to Vegas nod to the site but she's not as badgering him forever and hasn't party. He's like how to play great it's like going to the shirt off outsider I wanna go to this but it's he did he says she will not understand what Booker descendants once a lifetime. Opportunity a fight and I pride and duty just by saying to my wife wants this he would see you because I'm sure his wife wants is seen as well. So my advice to him was hated this what you do the fight is on a Saturday. You need to tell your wife you work in the beer business like a business meeting and tell you rewarding and events. In town. That day him. And you go to the airport don't take your car and figure out that leader grandstand take us right share from downtown city cars still in Austin not of the virtual airport. And you you you leave on a flight to Vegas. Don't get wasted. Don't be an idiot don't pack a bag go dressed we wanna go. Go to Vegas go the fight get on the next flight in get home it's like shall never miss you it's like you went out. A lag that is the lives worse I'm just not knowing you're. It's not online it's well I mean it didn't Dave's shoes ask where was I had to say working. For real we'll lick your company what did you do I word Serb drive I was sampling. So he's getting on a plane which he could die can do is getting well it's Kansas City die out there and you can't play it in your not telling me you're getting out of I. I ain't getting on I 35 Missouri as we take every day what are the chances that he would die on the plane going to Vegas in the Mayweather fighting out and he's not gonna impose any of this and social media yet you can't titled not so I say don't get involved they denies it yet again out as fast as possible but you cannot get away sneak in never talked about this again. It's a really easy solution and yeah I'm going to not say things with the Sarah guide it. Let her go ratio and that they just kind of guy down well okay c'mon bring the baby if you want every member brings New Orleans. That's great idea have the parents come you go with her for good twelve hours is she gets a massage while you're at the site. Okay here let me go back we lacked legal act and I did I was very important part out. So flights and hotel so Las Vegas this weekend are. How does the roof yeah they're shared Telerate I know that his hone his companies pay for hotel so he has in US ago yes a shareware they co. Getting bruised right now started this literally I did 500 dollars and up for our nightly at home. He's got to be honest with Jerry's got a it was an incredible opportunity. I if I have to go and and Emily look I'm going to be working I'm not I'm not going to be partying. And and then whatever your afford we can go back yet. Yes I'm so surprised that you Brad regret that you be so supporting him manages line and seeing now on. A long. Why is that why and it it's not line until your ass. Lie and now vote Agile I don't know any short in the trail any sort of shady issued lie and tells me I learned my lesson the hard I'll. Red military off all his stuff on his side someone wearing my dog on social media guys thanks. Life is not listening tonight I just try not sleeping.