Alex's Bad Impressions

Tuesday, August 7th

Alex's Bad Impressions

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Frank I think she's really get a impressions and what we have discovered over the last many years is that he is not I'm gonna I don't know what you talk. Show creating game call Alex is bad impressions where I will I give Alex. Somebody that he asked Emily and Sarah it is your job to figure out. What the impression is up over here with the impression job and carried that galaxy Kiki would make an answer now is yourself and. I'm just let it. I mean I'm I'm good I'm good I think I know I I know I'm good at this. Our journey to ask you to leave the room right now OK so it. Please step back yards down. I'm here it is. Out here can not hear. It. We just got the thumbs up Alex. You are going to impersonate. James Earl Jones. Who plays. The pivotal role of move Foss. In the line of anger I hear so you can get an idea what it is that you're going to be impersonating. James Earl Jones as a move fonts and this is what you'll be saying to share. As we know that my conscience. Is ouch yeah. All right everything I touch as is our kingdom. You think you have this in parliament before. And god. That. He. I already said no question you can get this is an easy easy are you sure you're ready added an accident I here we go it's time. There and in print editions. Ounces and implementations. Exit this. I didn't crash. Is there yes. Everything it touches. Kingdom. As of may be your best ever. I be your best at a time. Terry. Everything the light which is walking that's really. That's really got. I say again I've never heard you due such good job what accent is that all that it is that allies and lanky and that is true. Lets him as dad. Shared museum actor who's impersonating. Another person alone. And stuff yeah. That's reliant. Simmons dad. And Sarah who easy actor's bed. Alex is impersonating policy template Earl Jones and. For some of the history this game the you have ever accurate and gas. The impersonation. It was because of the quote really help that they knew it was and his dad without the third set Alex and we sit actually change it's good. And I really god apparently Alex these tapes girls. Hey yeah isn't it James Earl Jones I'm your guy James L. Jones also peace he's CU mic in the united that if I'm not. Also James Earl Jones. I am you'll follow up now is yet again. Alex you're a million times better than this look at this season. And basically everything white that's hard I get on. That and I'm happy I. I should just quit the game now until it championship actually god can you do it twice you know. Why not I'm not hot shooting and I'm really impressed Alex that's very religious and I. This is one of my favorite teams. For my absolute fever movies ever Christopher Walken. Is the next impersonation are you ready now. This was you know. Great grandfather's war watch and he wanted to do use that warm. Arthur down. Oh is that from pulp fiction it is okay. Producer Richard great grandfather's war watch. Any ward every day he was in that war that's which are gonna sent him as grist for what it didn't feel like you guys at it I'm I'm. Are you ready. As spending Alex yeah it aren't here we go two for two never yeah. I'm feeling. And in print editions. Announces that in print editions. Exit is bad impression. Is there. This is great grandfather's war watch. He won every day he was in war. Dave that's the worse. It said. Heard that didn't it you know I had that lie which inaudible his favorite lines in movie. You did begins its IO. Odd hours. No it's I nailed it. This was she great grandfather's. He would every day he was in that war. Keywords wall. Oh my god it's Christopher wanted it's so bad. Leaning we get these talking about the watch. I'd do it again Alex. This was she great grandfather's war watch and he would. Every day he was in that wall. This was your great grandfather's war watch him he would warrant for the day was announced. A live audio seriously David that's not the Christopher Walken speech that he that he does you know. Art you know I mean tear yeah right you got kids of my impression that you'll duck she's. Our three for three or is still possible the jets zip plus yes it is. This will be a miracle. If this happens all right here we go Alex. You're now gonna be impersonating. One of the funniest people in the history of this world. The great Chris Rock. Ready. Here. Lyle quiet young and you got for. Agree. Cursor on actual when I get a Sesame Street after I went up obedience don't miss out. Yeah you know that I can of the idea for Sesame Street came up with it before PBS the white Meehan stole it will be impersonating Chris. Coming into standup and I guards and terror I got a feeling that Alex is gonna nail this and you're gonna get. Three out of three and I just I hope I am and I'm helping you snag his timing impressions is pink I thought it. And now this month are already out okay Harry got. There and in permissions. Announces that in print editions. I would say this bad bad impression. There. You came up with the idea of Sesame Street. Did the vault PBS. I can't stole it from me. But yeah. Nailed it. Alone not enough yeah and Moran. I Alex in. Idle time. That came up with the idea of Sesame Street actually not what are the ball PBS. LY Mets don't. Well I'm glad to. Mailed just drop the Micah on the. Sarah yeah you don't get that. Are you kidding me here you are taking gas. I mean. I can you do to get the sell off black actor kind. Chris. Actually able when I get a Sesame Street actually public but Bibi in the white man's belt. A. She is Amy good home. Not only do you get a lot a lot of which is never have a yes there which got too high right now. Don't have to their game today Alex or mean I'm not quite sure. Yeah I he did a great start navigate amazing game. I think that's right handed Annan and well James Earl Jones is great yeah. Christopher all the little shaky campaign Chris shrugged it's. On it I don't I don't even now I carried I'm not even Julia I nailed the Chris rock and I we'll there you got shared guiding. AT and why did you go with Chris rock's share just because of the. Well because I was gonna do it Chris track impression in like those who would be to yell okay act LA galaxy coach you'd be to yell all right I just. We with a caddie yelled all right well that's very good good logic thank you aren't. Nine years and I only. Came out vehicles at the next three. I. He. I came out and actually able when I get a Sesame Street I would have a BB. The white man's belt. And permissions. Alex's dad and grand Shannon's. Ericsson has been all bad impression on.