Are Booker and Alex going to share a bed at DJ School?

Wednesday, July 11th

Are Booker and Alex going to share a bed at DJ School? 

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Should higher are taking a trip soon to Chicago to gather and we like we normally do we're going to get shepherd rooms and then just hit me like I make a lot of stuff coming up I need to start saving some money I should Alex. We need this splitter Rome in Chicago what support of us getting to separate rooms. Let's just get one rumored split why go to book the room and in the room is one king size bed yea. Add. I did not help but that's right that's the thought about that for sailing well not the ideal situation. Is. All because first Saul. I hate doing the whole sharing a reminder on vacation because I think you're on vacation even if you're there for work for whatever reason. Just enjoy it and but when Booker similar attacks saying hey when you might as it makes complete sense you know if we get here's the thing I sent back to Booker Singh that. You know what we are hardly ever in the room anyways your act we might as well as a split it. I don't mind here's a thing sharing a bathroom like. OK I guess. But the the fact of Booker techne vaccine and hang on hang on hang on. Trying to get to queens right now is one thing he can but they said we check ending we can essence rooms which sounds horrible it sounds they were gonna be screwed and share king that's like. No like I said yes and then now I'm like regretting saying yes I don't wanna sleep with you well. I. Three conversation gesture and tied for people nobody really seems to know that they're talking about with this hotel. So finally I got a hold of someone like her I mean this sounded well enough and he says Gillick here's what you do you just book the king sized bag that's the only option. And then call this with the reservation number and we'll change it to a double bad so that's where I'm gonna do you armed at a book with a keen moment Holloman young this. Makes no sense to talk to three people and that I didn't book it then and there are. The first Persian toll something I didn't wanna hear she said. Well because its first conference rack recorded deejay school game and out there like all wall. The reason they did a leg daddies who you can't bring people like sleeping room and stuff. Only cash oh until they really so there without. She's debit she had no. Validity with me whatsoever and in the senate version can trigger the computer and set up personally. An alliance like Diana and I met their purses like just call. Let's just say for fun non that you guys get there and they don't have any double beds the you'd have to have a key was it for fine. Just play this out there's nothing fun Alexander. Hi. Yeah. Flee but to buy or will you faced each other kids eater your rent the first all what's under the bed we'd get Iceland from the left side. Valuable source of all you'd ask me can I was when it agreed so I am in charge of the dead as of right now so what's the deal I think Paris so at my house nicely on the the left side like a Carolina. I'm a little left as well. Google says and actually here's the deal I can't sleep on my my shoulders because that's lately mashal has been heard and really besides how many sides of ice the as this which is obviously Newman back gasoline well in the fall asleep. It says that's not bad at that basically pilots in my rides and have broken out my lap I have bunker. Well so you'll sleep under pack yeah Booker W facing an issue sleep early days. Here like the other from I have to be coddling in the began. A very. And that once I get to the borders lake had a good fifteen minute window where I have to Connell cuddle up her cigarette like sperm cell. I know the everywhere you need a little bit a spoon time and flip over and facing opposite direction so I will face him for the first fifteen minutes. And I don't even necessarily have to tell the media like my league or after on your leg OK there's no kissing up like that and they. And fifteen minutes and off left and paste the wall. Funniest and most you'll be joking about this but I have a feeling your actually. You shall.