Are women who cheat happier?

Wednesday, June 20th

Alex and Sara call BS as Booker reads a new study that "claims" women who cheat are happier.

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I'm gonna ask you a very. Difficult question. It's important. That you answer honestly and which you wanna know. If your significant other. Only cheated on you wants. If you sent out to your liking injury cheat on you one time and onetime home. Would you wanna know about you know she's a faithful woman now in then she made one mistake and I don't know doesn't. Without saying what I don't know doesn't curve. Yeah day what you don't know won't kill you journalist Kelly Clarkson says and what doesn't kill me makes a united Hannity and that's on Sarah now you are now one NL. It's such a ridiculous questions allay because right trash Smyth significant other. Wholeheartedly. And vice Versa. So that's not even an option in my head I that's where everybody sets light now but I just look and a different world I guess I don't know I'm oblivious whatever I know what happens to people but. I trust him it's in the non option it's no go blow. I don't know had a net. CNET women cheat because they love their husbands. Believe it or not it's more about intimacy. Then it is about being with another man. Let me explain please do an altered by the name of a leash a walker spent a year interviewing cheating wives and her findings I think will probably stun you of over fifty cheaters the Missouri State University professor spoke to only 31 out. Out of their marriage while most women thought he affairs made them better or wives only 5% of female cheaters get caught by the way women are much much better cheating. In men art and that's a fact she discovered that the risk were so low because women just don't get caught let the rewards were huh. Pie determine if figure out why women cheat if they don't intend to split from their husbands what she found out why's that. Most women were in a sex let's marriage. Orton now being satisfied. And that is why they were cheating they made no bones about it it's not that they didn't love their husband because most of the women in the study loved them very much what we're not getting sexually they were not being fulfilled in their marriage they saw about that from someone else and then returned to their husband a better person and a better life accorded these women. I love Howard trying to justify. And make ourselves feel guide for cheating as if it's sacred seductive thing in a relationship there is no way that seeding and ever going to be productive inner relationship that is a bunch of you estimate those women. Feel better about themselves to they feel that most. Women said I love my husband they talk about what great fathers they work or great people they were and how great of a friend. So for demo is either I'd leave my marriage I take my kids from my husband I break my husband's heart and may be my own NBC ball. This into a family together. The bulk of the women said that the satisfaction that they needed came first but they also talked about how it really enabled them to be better wives and better mothers because the strain of going without third sexual needs being mad had been lifted. I call BS on this whole study in this Missouri professor it is just in Missouri thing. I.