Booker, Alex and Sara "Dog Songs" with Angel and Drako

Wednesday, December 6th

Text Dog to 51993 if you want a dog song about your dog! 


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This show much it's everybody's favorite John Shaw. All gone. Joseph all you have a great game named Draco write that. Tell us about Drake now. Going to be having your vote and be remembered as he all but eat and how. And he doesn't know he's been stopped at all and keeping the human. He did he think he and they realize I need a lot. He can't let hug and let his head high will they go to director act a bigger heart between your leg can carry out. Kind of think she's Draco like to DO. He played soccer and he can't yeah it's possible Oscar lands seeing them if they're really gay. I had me eat the clay. Soccer. Like it naturally. Add my dog actually get the wildly from you know. Oh wow yeah. Office then. We're making music I had an aunt that idea. At. And when somebody starts leaving him just a little bit to get early Friday or campgrounds. You have to be prepared Hank he's gonna jump up on here is gonna kinda arm on your shoulder and he didn't need to integrate and. Your dogs full name is. Our. Draco the blue dog as his name he's a great game and I he's just Tobago lover plays soccer and love. Still. Okay. And you don't. And ball. It's okay. He's just. Thursday night. And I got the continent. Your dog shot would be happier right error record one for you would just text dog to 51993. We are bunker Alex and share on mix 9472 morning.