Booker Alex and Sara "Dog Songs" with Megan and Rowdy

Tuesday, November 14th

If you want a "Dog Song" then text Dog to 51993!


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I just suffered other dogs on a hey Dan is the proud owner of age carrier pit bull mix named route he and. That are not rowdy. Although your dog's name rowdy he's got a special nickname. I'm into nickname it to a it wouldn't get it I did early he's eating ill start working you start making a piglet. And of course the army medic you look like a pig let it go ahead and making sure we started calling him a lot. Luckily the dog because he literally eat. Everything in I eat he lets see you wouldn't eat corporate human appeared sober dark suit and now he'll get water burger. Don't apple argued it. Let me get him half a dozen to a poll. I said. He cost Obama we got panicked or egg are lots ease and are spending more intrigue at it is a little back and told my guys and so he's become very little duck. It adds so I'll follow it won't leave me. Ian rolled around like it all mean he looks like such a sweetheart but he'd have a little better back kick me in the hand. And when people are evil and helping. You know pit bull he looked like it all these little and but no we can't even get him like art when the war. Now you cannot have whatever your way. We UCL is brought or passed away last year he did it Labrador her brother. I'm an ever since black crayon what and we don't tell him any more outlook you kennel he can come out he wouldn't change. Can get out all of that can't at all but neat kid brother are locked inside. All we have no idea I would come home from work. And rowdy ingredient that's right or am ID like oh my gosh. All at Kennedy you know what younger and whatever the doors in the BE Rick Scott. Now I would walking program at you brother but they'll beat it hate it I always. The dorm that is an ego. He's you'll escape artist. He is a little of it part it yet. A little early Pauly they you nickname piglet and I can't imagine a better scenario bird dogs dying here you go man again H your book rallied to shared dogs dog for around. And aren't yeah. He's fun. Our belief is so hungry he is my number. Only nineteen and. The only. Me. Okay. You mean. And you can. Yeah. Cool. Okay. Oh okay. Okay. OK okay. Scott lazy and don't my diet. Thank you hey if you like to have a record and producing a dog sons were your pooch it's real easy just text don't want to do 51993. And we have really good morning good thinking so much for listening rallied since air makes 947.