Booker Alex Sara Dog Songs with Allison and Shia LaWoof

Wednesday, August 2nd

If you want a "Dog Song" text "dog" to 51993!!!


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So excited eighty shepherd other out of Booker Alex you share his dogs all. You'll. And your dog deserves a song shows and do all get to 51993. And we'll take you back with a form to fill out that's jackal Allison did Allison has dog and this Shaq we shall the name of her little short key like we have to do his job for him. Diallo were. Shots. So and lies you guys. And why did you name your dog shy I'll move. While on the way to go and I don't. And I ran I watched meet the media are classic RI and you know trial about the tension that you dignity and shadow on its own buyer I think that India's main event in a eat so I have. And I like Al can't look there will be on hand and people you know it out and. Children of color guy is right. Yeah a few out one brown and I ain't and then you've got. How Lou why and a half brown I wish I didn't know they could do that he don't have. He's a big people dog to a loves people were right. All line and it he would. They're better people motivated I have never been a dot though you all motivated. I know this is a weird question asked Georgia he's got weird coping Harris. I only can weird. I have never seen a stranger Cooper of the die. You'll quiet I don't know trying to find cunard thirty dependent can't because every time battle but ago but he'll look around low public attack jet flight that will have the best actor. And then you add it all they did think that imminence. Are now because she is designer breed of your key and she gets you he's got kind of an interesting color right. Yeah I got a big all luck eco you've actually had while organic not help but. It doesn't Appleby can't really be surprised at all here at the top and I could be obnoxious in the you know Enron is now I'll about as a man and a deep and it went 20 yeah. Up up awesome in which is nickname. Quality indeed out if you really get a feeling good or bad and that they get everything bad economy has been bit. Well thank you kind of just exaggerating it but he does what it's about you want to get your take a bite but I remember when I was going to ticket item went by using on the catchy great athlete and a moment I looked over. My docket just not taken a bite out of the chicken taco and he would jump down their NL and you know is second. It and he barely get emailing either. His good food feast or you have nicknamed him banned deed oh. Conan. He is a New York eat and should sue breed there it's a short tees with a column and he was inspired by that she and video with Shia LaBeouf. So you calm Shia are able to. A little while we have put together a show on for Shia and if you like year. I don't think about it. It's the he. No he danced so much done this day. And looks just like he's doing now. This. Okay. This Sunday. You wonder. It's. And this. And delivered everything that's what I. It's good now. And beauty. Yeah. You shot your dog just Jack's dog a 51993. Were Booker Alex and Sarah good morning and move it.