Booker is going to Cuba!!

Wednesday, June 14th

Booker is about to take a vacation and go to Cuba!!!


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So I can't wait to share with you this exciting news I am finally going to do something that I wanted to do for a very long time become a father for the third time none right. Just really not going to happen not found the note congrats necessary. I am I taking a trip be all and I am going to you how van at Q. Yeah. So no malice and you like everyone is going to humanities and Sarah I you know I just you people say Cuba is everybody going to Havana. Why is that that's probably the most I mean that's three people argue today Guantanamo. I'm fan I asked to believe that's the spot bad just sounds so awesome and I'd like it now is the time to do it man. And then I got a lot of happy for you but I'm also like damn I'm chalice what does one do in Cuba there's. A lot to do in Cuba. And you know President Obama or relax these regulations. Is there was 450 some years. That embargo that. Allowed us. They're did not allow us to travel right show it was now. Never really kind of sort of frame of mind and you never really thought about it where are you or my gonna go visit. You never thought about Cuba because it was not an option ring then whenever that whole thing was rely extra few years ago which by the way I say it's illegal to deluge technically still legal to visit Cuba for tourism purposes. You have to go under one of twelve. Different reasons weary mind while a journalist so for journalistic her. I at the united journalist or journal I know you're not professional Brandon out yet and that's been the guidelines if you're full time professional broadcaster. I'll do and you fall under the journalism category which I am all of the journal of the season. Jordan how they're out of Cuba is now us and and these days locked up there that one reason that I would say 90%. Of people visit Cuba could go under. Is the person to person contact person for six interaction basically is to go to learn from Cuba. Exactly get back because I thought it was just wide open I didn't know yet to choose my clothing Netscape and now you have to stipulate OK and under what category you fall under proper. Some travel mr. Brad look here. Journalism well OK but on a Niemi I get it looked. Here's another thing quite complicated there a lot of things you have to do in order to go often because. It's not one of those places it's easy to visit. As an American. American issued credit and debit cards are not accepted it yet what do you do for cash you have to. Turn your anyway here's I'd write a book I think are leased a blog. How to visit. The act because well. But none of you and edit yeah I journalist. And I synagogue too much time there is. Lot of things did you write and I have researched this ad nauseam. By. Yeah you here's the interesting thing. There they charge 813%. You transfer your US dollars and into Cuban pace of their ten types of Bharatiya pesos in Cuban. Cuba there that Cuban pesos at the local Jews there with a cold Kooks you've been convertible pesos which is one for one US dollars. All want to know is two things what's the first thing edited video a violation of the reason so what I meant do you. It is in this kind of complicated but I'm I'm taking my US dollars converting them. And into euros. Then I'm taking euros with media Cuba and converting those. Cuban pesos a fee because there's no 13% right on my terror. As our partner in a blog Sarah by the end of the lowest feature more audible but in the blog what is the first thing to do and what is the thing you're most excited to damp. Show the first are gonna do this or shaking in my custom particular and Newton is. I am very excited about and how do you say museum in Spanish is at UCL. And yeah our streets and Newton. UCL I had a look at my Google translate was having issues earlier. Skittish on weird. There's a place called the muse seal it did chuck a lot the museum of chocolate. And allegedly. It's critical to you go in there you pick your figuring in the creative child before. But. May have the best chocolate milk on planet earth even for people that don't like chocolate and a big. Time and time again get the struggle milk to April 1 are gonna do is walk over to the museum. Do jumping up Milton who say I am yet. And dagger on first or reduce pressure from my Spanish and I'm going to drink that you implement. JD that's I mean that's freer jam that if you want to get a little museum on chocolate he did on the Willy Wonka. Exhibit a Universal Studios thought I. I mean we're the first out I don't like another round and a cigar and all that stuff. I body with that in my guy you've seen it actually. Ireland and life on the edge Shelley. All GO bide your that the next day I am I'm taking I've got one of those old school fifties cars and I'm gonna pick us up and we're gonna do. The six hour tour of a man that's good and then two other things are really excited obviously we're you know we're going to be in the Caribbean. It's an island show were gorgeous beach for the day which are being the beautiful and then the other thing I'm really excited about. Is it we're gonna go on come and adventure to the finale is. Which is about two and a half hours away from Havana and it's just peaceful serene and that's were. The tobacco plants are grown so horseback riding and if KG. I don't know how well I was going to be in a heart your audio horseback riding -- could be on a horse he really is no doubt they'll feel as it can you video your heart yes then does that island have like the camera that roller coasters had a database of ego and as I said Brad but drawn more this year on board believes it's a granular. Well I'm excited about that I colonies Damon away because you five days a visa what's the magic number of all your research how understate the kind of people right now have thought about going to Q a going going to men how long does one what's the magic number. I think that's a good number now I have talked to some people it it's now will say and finish here. It's very cool because at one point it was like one of the most magical places on earth and then it got really really bad. Show I think for some people it's a place it's going to be very difficult to visit Japan because it is so impoverished. And it is the people there are so or that it might be difficult for some people. I'm taking a suitcase. That's going to be filled would not than Bud Light come on the dollar store just loaded up with like coloring blow sand. And it just stuff like even toiletries. A first date kicks that's sort of thing and then I'm giving that all the way team to the people there because you know around south edges walking around just can't stuff out these guys coloring bug Dyson that cut. Yeah and a model Smart things yeah I would have never thought that I and a little luck I'll bubbles like well you know those little. The sticks that you put did an apples to slow things like that the crew were easy over ai ya everywhere in outfits like yard in Iraq now again innocent here very flashy but this dank humid he's got you don't draw attention but then once I got empty out that she cares. Let it out the cigars and.