Booker is upset that his two best friends have become friends!

Wednesday, October 18th

Does Booker have a right to be upset?


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Resolves something that's going on in my stomach because I don't know if I should be thrilled about. About this or if I should be upset about this or maybe I shouldn't even care this thing going on for a long time and it's come to a crescendo. Over the weekend after I saw everything going down on social media and I'm like Maria. I used to live and work in Las Vegas and I did a morning radio show there there was a girl that worked with named Tracy trichet Knight became good friends because she's great and there is another friend of mine who lives in Houston she and I have been friends for all really long time so when I moved debate is she obviously knew about Tracy is my coworker somehow I see that they're connected I'd like you're even friends with my friend from Houston right she just connects herself to you all of the people in my life which I guess it's fine you know that's cool right unbeknownst to me they're like little nuggets here in the air my friend from Houston act and my former co worker from Las Vegas have become best friends I don't ask friends or only seemingly real best friend talking on the phone. Owned our lowly new telephone that's good friend that's a good friend now and every day beating I introduce him I even. Sure they ever met in her staff here were Kelly it's weird. I have no idea what the extent of their relationship his other than the fact that they're always commenting and liking each other's clothes on social media but over the weekend and I see. He that did. Are you know you are together do you want him to publicly come TO NCA Brad blocker may we are different ship with out she do well here is. Is the question when you mean. New person right and you become friends who that person do you want them to be friends with all of your friends urge you wanna keep your friendly for instance. Alex in the very beginning where is extremely reluctant to me becoming friends with his friends. Over the years she's softened up a little bit but if I said you have. Hey bro I wanna hang out there excelled in his weaken air shock and I have. You know it's a strong bond in the sense or both from the same city right and arrogance and cool dude and actually would enjoy hanging now in them. If you would be cool. Yeah I mean you would say come along right what I would have said okay I'll go halo. You can SEC and I'd say am I going any say in it he said now that what we can't solidify says you. And hate can I get quarry writings phone number so I can call him Cory Redding former longhorn NFL player and what are your dear friends if I should take thank you quarries number one asked him to lunch would you be OK I would bet. I'd give museum now under. Half a completely. Different and why I. A completely different team by women three separate city. She's not in your crew that you're hanging out with like Alex's all the time and you did not specifically. Inch reduce them they found each other. All I did actually specifically shooters and they found each other through me. Right it's not just three of you guys are hang out and Austin all the time they have found their friendship on their this. Let's do you miss it how you. Assists through Brad welcome them into a crazy what's the crazy thing is it's even worse then Stewart coming together take time and leave their cities go to another scene I allies and not invite the man that was yeah. How close are. You know this is all jealous see knowing as you want a pat on the back so you don't like a good job grab a better note you helps you know comfort that's not a pat. Pat on the back they know they left you behind. And I think you're a little scared about it because neither one arms said they weren't going to New York City my funny Houston never show it to me hey Tracy and I are gonna go to new York and were gonna do this sort of do I see them at the Broadway Show. Tony I'm not I'm not angry I did I actually. Egging it invited India wasn't informed of this I felt like yeah I shouldn't. I'm. Because it was wasn't really I want people to get along I love but I feel like I need to have some sort of connect. Here's why the Sarah here's why he feels he should have been unfortunate because I've been at one point those two girls were Texan back and forth and one of them said should we tell bunker when you say should we tell Booker you know you're doing something wrong and you should of told the man. Would you be OK we tool of your completely opposite friends getting together becoming best friends sure like fresh feature for elections in Los Angeles what is she found. And another what are your friendly Candace on social media and the two of them started talking they became best friend is travel together. Different because they're girls steer the yard guy in these are two girls just two of my dear friends met and became best friends and really cool. I'm probably as you know knock it go wow in Italy do you and a guy as we did in which you guys you're dinner these are girl. You know what actually shares panorama for guys they are girls very well and he. Well I toll is what has this background what is it about these girls. Reacting. I should just be happy that I helped introduce two new BF that yeah they do you guy and I'm really curious girl. Still shoots on the Alison there it's not enforce them.