Booker wants to be an Olympic Curler!

Tuesday, November 21st

Booker shares the journey he is about to take to become an Olympic athlete.


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All my life I've wanted to be an Olympic athlete. Well now don't really believe some training for show. I got bored over the weekend. And I was watching him BC and while slip through the channels and I came across it. I got caught up again is something I've been fascinated with for years. It was the US women's Olympic. Trials. For curling. For the Winter Olympics MP owned chain. You stopped on the island you have college for law and I'm VS even NASCAR you stop on heroin because you know we are going to be in NASCAR driver that's in Bahrain and I'm sure some are gonna be a football player king plot. Want curling every single Winter Olympics and I think. Now something I think I could probably do any I don't think I'm alone I think a lot of people are like how does it. Every per cent of sports bar watching now you're actually right I mean drunk people living making current yes you don't have drinking. Now is not backing down that's just go work my mind as head feels like it's a little of export you don't have to be NC. Exactly and it's like that means it's like a life size of that what's sad envoy gas. That's right I mean I don't know is it like that. Well considering that. It's an Olympic sport you obviously have to be really good at it. Here's a here's a look at it curling indication he can't wrap your mind around what we're talking about. Is that sport that they have the Winter Olympics where it's all like a bowling lane of ice. And they're scared about what they've bigger rockets got a handle on the top. And then they have to people they were rolled down with the rock and they use a broom to clean up the ice whatever the yeah it really good sweeper actually think Alex who brokered tag team is sweepers he wrote okay how is curly now is it a team's poor is that Gary again. You know apple won't turn three people off and I police for what I understand. I'm not officially that treating Mona. Around but there are three people there Zack curler there is like tosses the rock and and then there are two people that sleep in the mail talk to each other to figure out how to get that rock exactly where they want the goal is to get the rock in the middle of the night. So you're gonna be this Olympic athletes Aaron curling but you need to other people heavy recruiting the other cheek team members. 99 still looking for you Elaine I I don't know two people I think would be good at that. And for our guy. You get on a self and soul into this curling right now. I did a big Google search to find out how far I would have to go to learn how to curl like you make an excuse me what are the big Google search other day and I trickling currently. How how close do I have to go to slow and it wouldn't be any here army maybe. There is a critical the lone star curling club I'm and they current cult with the thing here in all that. And apparently they play on Sunday mornings and then wait. Did playing. Leagues like him bowling and see play curling you. You curl. They just finished the fall league this last weekend and done they don't have a game scheduled until. January. Bunt. In February. During the Olympics. Told the game it's not a gang noted the moral map I don't know what it's come. Blog about would you and I start heating wearing it competed visited the cedar parties BCA apart senator I know it's it chaparral ice. Taylor that you know I'm sure for perceive you can't read death in a burning and I dad. And that's where they do it and in February which is when the Winter Olympics are. They will have curling classes. So I'm gonna learn how to curling figure buying you don't need to eat two or three classes I'll be ready for the Olympics rate of course. I don't know how like how hard to push the rock rank right exactly like well you'll with a with a burning houses are you push the rock Ari into this week Bree I'm downstairs and I think sweeping would be more fun because you get the kind of like. Glide down in the I have. Yes I love it could look at it go to his first class they give like a Edison could be easy the next thing that he had to be able to walk inside my. I'd be so sore from sweeping. It's I would Simien knowing that this is that when we all decide to go to lunch every day after the show and we have known voters car and he's now sorry guys got to move my curveball. Suvs. Tell you one thing my house is giving Stokley Gillen.