Booker's Bachelor Burger Bash!!!

Wednesday, September 13th

Alex and Sara are taking Booker out today for his bachelor party!!


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Am getting married and it's a really small intimate ceremony with family they're all flying in from out of town it's. Very low on the pomp and circumstance meter Tonya had virtually zero is where experience CEO there's been no real old. Flair. You know I'm not I'm not doing any party there's no height to it and not even a reception we're just going to dinner afterwards it was a. What's crazy is it normally Sarah right gimme my match your normal is who might jam about having a batch of our. All you guys will be and they get I have a cut bin Laden you would be good for the club you have bottles of back I'm there. Yeah I just came out and well and a bachelor well well well not you because you're not throwing your match party mr. Raj Franken usually aren't. Glad you along but I know you want low key so Sarah and I talked about you wind low key and we figured knew we had to do something and something for Brad Booker before his wedding a bachelor parties think so Sarah and I thought what does Brad Booker love the most. Burgers hamburgers. So we like let's go somewhere and we've been talking about hammers Muqtada hammers every day on the show look just great ones like Hemingway and the odd ball. The air where where is the best burger and Austin and yeah it's interesting 'cause I'm always looking alike studies and less. I'm John Snow if there's a list either like guys guys guys there's Neuberger. And we got to try to be our go to Hamburg and lot of murder don't give me wrong but there's like that gore made like seventy dollar. Are made her way so we early mistakenly thought that was my dad did like for months have been talking I go and hides on west six were likely what must I go and knock it out. Never did. Think Currie is a great part of the whole thing is Sarah. Has lived here off and on her more than a decade she went to school of the university of that's tax it and writes no Haley on west sixth street I don't. I went lower than that well you've been here in 99 okay often on since 99 she moved away for a little bit of bite came back. And has never been into hot. Let's which blew my all because I. Was it high it's low. Within a month the move. I need a hidden and it goes on less extreme as Nazi like oh what sad and he dug in at one point and lunchtime it's always slams so. That's today where we're going for bachelors Booker is bachelor burger bash. As soon as the birdie imagine out. Booker is bachelor burger bash something or being TV. Loves a west sixty today as he meets for him going crazy easy craziness. We can't argue. You're gonna get everything in the pound thing. Well I don't want to really get or Erlich a little bit of everything glass and every plaza Miami when they're. From what I have I'm not gonna go like this original many crazy so Booker I purposely didn't need yesterday is this occasion eat as you know ninety nights I sound like dude I'm starting but I got to make room. First day so it's not my best parties but there's match apart but really apart a browns did last time we left hanging when when when we went around Rogge donut. Sarah and I united don't know when you won not a bad you're so mad is so bro we are ready Sarah ready to have lunch today announced for your bachelor party today. Every much more church on the last time Ellis went to high it's because you went with whom Allah willing and retain. Years ago the last president had doesn't disguising in this arm because he was in town but he was intent is like worse like Billy we're gonna get a burger here's my hotels like odds. So we have going together. If you're not familiar with how do we just moved Austin hides is like alleging dairy hole in the wall. On why sixth and their famous for their burgers and to me. That I. Hearings arch die for a. Alan I haven't handsets Miami super excited look dug in Iraq's there's several are places you get a great hammer but I mean how it is now one of the ones that like kind against itself is a good little soldier is dirty style just. There's Herschel and when I first went there I got like a bison burger buffalo burgers some but did you. Think at one point the Serran I would take you on a bachelor party DO we can't let. And I know this is perfect for think I would much rather. On a Wednesday afternoon on the Golan Heights and have a burger nine hearings then go party all night long I get there. So you'd just be dumb and us are ready and I don't know how I'm happy. Happy back.