Booker's Court - They broke up so who gets the UT Football tickets?

Friday, July 14th

If you have a problem, then send it to Booker's court! Alex and Sara act as your jury. 


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I is underscored is now in says Cindy kind of honorable Brad Wagner is presiding. Please be she'd like to welcome our litigation to occur room not exactly sure judges talk. They are welcome like it's a damn good. I don't and it's important. It's not I stop into. Here's the situation Carol and urge your line is Carolina airline. And sad to recently broke up and they are in a hot dispute over their UT football season tickets this situation is that they split tickets and a half and now that they are broken up they have to determine who gets the tickets and they both won a fight form because they're really good seat and start up with airline he's gonna get her taste in shackled to lead is I'll ask questions along the way and and we will tosses the jury of Alex Frankel and Sarah Osborn who will make the ultimate decision as to who will get the ticket Carolina said dual agreed that the jury's decision will be binding annual agreed to those terms. Some legal don't act out totally. I Caroline why do you deserve the UG football tickets. Okay. This is a huge year for me that you gain in general Seth party knows that's my dad's birthday is this year he's going to be sixty. I've already promised him. Basically. The season of good tickets so far because my sister she went into Merrill land. My mother went to hand there is my friend is going to be in town weekly check. And did everything your daddy ten did you team. Yes yes it any haven't even bigger game like that cute and cool flow. Yeah it's it's been forever and how are you promised him. And he knows the deal a fact that we're not together anymore so it. Better that way that he doesn't have to be around him. Position turmoil between your daddy your ex boyfriend. That does not liking he never has and so this worked out perfect says he would go to the game and is it that doesn't you know announcing night when we got these tickets when we agreed that we were gonna do this. A party in those you know my dad wanted to go to these specific games themselves a party by the time longhorns got all ready for both of. And you say that your friend is the reason you guys were able to get these good seats. Exactly we would meet then have that opportunity if my friend didn't. President to rescue plan does public perceives. Took a jury rules in your favor you're willing and ready to reimburse shaft for the amount of money he's spent on these tickets yes. Exactly but he is not a problem that's so that you would help me out with. And already taking care. All right it's a pretty good argument shaft let's hear your side. Okay yeah well so first of all I paid more or the ticket than she did it and hurt anybody you know won't. Felt like there is a pretty major charter investment and I could save 50% 140. Lead single. I was 5050 right on the medal you actually invested more. I mean my hand armistice is is higher than hers is that it has been awhile. Till up. I I worked for an advertising firm and I have already almost. He needs to a potential clients and seeds to an existing client who is very important. And so this could have a serious negative effect on my career if I suddenly lost. These things and I don't North Carolina really appreciates that. I don't honestly know she has the money divided to take it back I know she says that her dad is gonna help out but I also Howard until about me so. I don't know how many great position to be able to trust that if I failed in your objectives you can have a Obama ever actually concede that money. It was my idea why you're saying there in the first place. And I feel like this is something that she went along went. And champions do and I'm happy to talk about you know buying ever 40% or whatever but. Sentimentality aside I think that these are mine and that there are more important in my likes. Wild show he does have some very interesting points out. Little bit more money on these tickets and she had he has already promised and two very important clients which could negatively impact his income and he says that although it was her friend they came to them the opportunity by the seat he was one that encouraged her to make this decision that's judges partial not at all and just recapping his argument. Just be clear so who is entitled to these season tickets at the University of Texas football wells share now Michigan and deliberate and we'll have a decision I mean that's coming up next bunker Alex's hair on mix 947 we actually deliberate and Micah. Yeah I bet that didn't. All right we've heard the arguments Carolina stats recently broke up but not before they equally purchased tickets to the University of Texas football they have c.'s Jay it's amazing scenes K airlines says that she's totally tickets because it's a dead 65 birthday he's not CD games since he went to school UT. And this season is you really special to their family with his sister having attended Merrill Lynch mobs went to Cannes this chance for and it's coming and the way too bad also it was her friend that got them the good seats she went on issues are you purchase longhorn here for her dad. So that's which he says is the reason she isn't out of the tickets sass says. Business guy is already promised to take us through his clients he also doesn't even know she has the money to pay him back and that he would still on the convinced her to do they. This whole transaction in the first place not to mention the fact that he spent 60% to her 40% so he's entitled to the ticket so Alec shares the jury let's deliberate you have. I was almost thinking she said that she needed to go generates three or four games of Kansas detect. Mini me a barrel in three games behind hearings you know six home games I mean half of me wants like give her those three home games in him take the rap hinting that we have got mine now I know I that's thing you know man is the judge and I deliberate yeah I always. I asked. It's just immediately cut copy and Judge Judy cook cook oh man I mean it's just the ship Boris thing is that the word is that we're chivalry is similar to Marisa because there's so many evenly connect us and yet this year and how do you say no to what she just said like. Father yes he's old like a cute little old man coach on the sideline and the following years. And even if he convinced her to get the tickets Kerry made the good seats is because she had friends at hooked him up with a good seats so those are kind of turn. And the money he gets from her dad and her father she can and returned by a pair tickets for two games that he wanted for those clients. Yes and then have leftover money so it's kind of a win win for bouts she gets all six against the gets his money back to purchase two games that you want to entertain those two clients are out. Our trade and your verdict please guys share what you're doing your verdict as well and I re guilty or not guilty and you just Kerry got who gets the ticket OK okay but it won't see him one reader judgment you want back in your aunt. It is important. I don't know. I get candidate Jerry only one person reads it in court traveling up theory Sarah okay arterial we reading yeah inherited record Barry got. Our. Just Terrence. I we have unanimous decision I'm sorry Alex Heath so much one of the jury to be hung. But that's not the case never been content we have our PLO verdict jury Foreman she Osborne will you please breathe. A decision. Jerri we the people we the people of the jury after two minutes of deliberating pick it that's that's that's a bit while eating pretzels snacks. We have decided that Carol I will get the tickets to all of the games in case 60%. Of the ticket price back to Seth. So we're shard we do not vote on your behalf lie I had many do with it and blame Alex is very sunny again partial I. I alone or just a bad for because you know my guy and judge says that after. No he never ever influence us in middle narration and I'll I think the verdict is end airlines 60%. Of the ticket price will go to set you received the university Texas football season delegates from him chat with Caroline thank you so much for coming to bunkers court. Yes thank. And so much I can't wait to call my dad thank you.