Burger Time: A national list puts 3 Austin burgers on the list!

Friday, July 20th

Burger Time: A national list puts 3 Austin burgers on the list!

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I should actually she's a town of two things when it comes to fruit tacos and barbecue for whatever reason Alex Frankel and I got on a mission to find what he's the best burger in Austin and we've created our own segment called burger time. That attack. Every dog he's. Berger did not answer his one man. Now wow. He's got. Double threatens nobody it. Hold up as many credit him about match what observers expect come on let's go win let. AA I'm yeah. The food so I called the daily meal Yahoo! released its list of the 100 best workers in America and a few Austin Byrd joined snagged three spots in the rank don't share those with you are what you tell me what you think OK second barring kitchens congress and. Berger never bend I haven't either but number 92 out of a 101 has pretty darn good in an insane it's it's it's got to be pretty down Sarah have you had it. I may have not some stands out for its toppings of local ingredients in a blender patty Graham brisket in shock only only. But apart includes the options for avocados crisp pork belly and over easy a an or sheared walk block you might as. A lot I mean he had me at the brisket and I loved it but then when you through and all that other stuff. Popped out burger bar is classy burger secured the number 49 spot on the ranking that's huge this site highlights sea change hormone and antibiotic free beef scratch may bunds fresh veggies classic comes in traditional toppings and baked in. And the combination of horse radish. Muster a man is Doug says he sauce now we have been opt out and a. And I feel like from being from El Paso and I believe the owners from hot dowdy are from El Paso I should love and warm but. Hate to say that I don't like it. And now it kind of seems sacrilegious say this to my experiences Hobbs died nominal loss really. I of the burners today. Only it's too big. I've been twice and the first time I went all crazy now I got crazy for Alan burner and I thought that was not yet. I would back a second time redeploy means chamber and it didn't gloomy when. I would be able to finish a burger and I can only finished half a hot tiger like big burgers and I cannot lie over Italy. I mean why did she like many times you again I'd bend. A handful of times real Lee and I wanted to love it's show back but here's the thing when I buy in. The very first time to burger I want ago while. And so far how Doughty is not Mimi said while Pelosi side note Fries are good and the sheiks are delicious. Yeah I don't remember the Fries and I and didn't have a shake. Just ahead hot Doughty on the list and number 48 is a place that makes me go wow it's an old school tradition. Right there unless six yard hut's hamburgers. When it was yeah. Let's get I like there any means but they were cooked at dale little too long as they were like really thick crunch super crunchy but and that birders really get it. Grass fed long warned if of course is were in Austin and. An boneless chicken or begin friendly form you are really good edgy. But a top three Austin Byrd joints made the list for the congregants to burger and none of it's it tried now now. Also on the list top dowdy burger bars classic burger number 49 it's got to be good Biden somehow it's mr. Dodd's. And number 48. Is a classic and it's been around all these years for one simple reason issues of the younger and hut's hamburgers those are three of the best burger is back.