Can't Beat Booker 10-10 with Angelina

Wednesday, October 11th

Can Angelina beat Booker? 


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It's a record 796. Wins and just 85 losses this morning sir I read for Angelina Angelina who lives in San Marcus Justine at Texas State as well as a waitress at twelve hour Boston's favorite game. You ready. A loner. It was yet you shouldn't be you got this. On the but the looks. Of the couples who come on now. Angelina order play Camby Booker share has written five question she's gonna ask you I will leave the room I don't know what questions are not going to be able security things forgive me this is fair as possible and there whenever your done a lot of flag me down and I'll commanding entity. It's actually fun question. Think they're really easy today really easily and out of thigh and Holler out and I needed so bad mod toll off my game today are here we go get locked completely. Are. Aren't. Mr. read both parents he's making his little daughter he is out the door again like canceling its. Contact quests in number one. Before she was payments which Kardashian and worked as an assistant for celebrities like Paris Hilton Cindy Crawford answered. Here is last Nat and Dancing With The Stars after Jordan Fisher received the first tens of this season. After he told his story about his adoption. True or false Julianne Hough is on the show of the season as a fourth judge. Or my dad is 38 years old today what does her hit song along with Pete Christina Aguilera and little camp back in 2001 called. My yeah. Oh. How does he looks beautiful trauma comes out Friday. Her very first album was called can't take me home. What is its debut single. Was it there you go out most girls are you make me sick. What girl and finally Mario Lopez's 44 years old today high school did he go to CU NC about it now. But. Our look back in book fair. And I know this is I have his Jersey from high school. And I had. Day. Is tired and I thighs you know Andre I'd say oh I. Did struggle I think possibly so I think ideally someone into him on what happened Angelina. I don't know I got out off my game like that you are. Wow Sara K. Question number one before she was famous which card ashy and worked as an assistant for celebrity that you can't dad has cracked. I closing message from a question that was easing came. Considered tears plus sand dunes and the stars after Jordan Fisher received the first tens of the season. Telling the story of his adoption. Tour false Julianne have this on the show this season as a fourth judge now she is just cracked. My AA is 38 years old today what was her hit song with team Christina idea Larry and little cam back in 2001. Ladies are a lot yes. Kinks. Peak of the top. Her album beautiful trauma comes out Friday her first album was called can't take me home. Woe is its debut single there you go most girls are you make me sick. There you go that is trick there you go on the skin beautiful summer. And add video. Basically her right around a motorcycle unfit as things out but I organizations. Finally Mario Lopez's 44 years old today what high schools to goatee and save the bell. Bayside guy brags about it. So easy five out of five just not free and Julie Guy I had a problem that I kind of sorry Angelina and say hey listen you're adorable really appreciate your plan. Thank you I appreciate it was. To see the price. Some news on Nazis and also witnesses in a lot of well the very thing by the. Our guys but they're I think Angelina sincere Marcus and I can't be Booker. I thought last sounds like I have gone and it.